Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday, Monday....

Here we are again! I don't have much to say, honestly. Saturday was my writing group's holiday party. We did a speed dating sort of game so that we could get to know a little bit about chapter mates that we may not normally talk to much. The white Elephant ornament exchange is always fun and I came home with a squirrel ornament because...well, y'all know why! But no picture, sorry.

I do have pictures of the ornaments I made for my beloved CPs as well as my dear friend Nancy--so that's what you get and we're gonna call it a day.

Nancy writes western historical, hence the cowboy theme...

But also, Nancy and her husband were blessed with their 1st grandchild in November, so I made her this as well... She was tickled, well, pink, but no word yet on her husband's reaction.

And the beautiful woman I have spent so much wonderful time with over the last several years received these:

For Chrissy who has such a beautiful smile and is so full of life.

For Clover who is always so calm, but who has a mischievous streak that I love.

For Gina who has endured so many trials and still perseveres with a positive outlook.

And for Michelle who loves all things purple and who encourages and supports me in all my writing endeavors.

Have a great week!

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Unknown said...

Wonderful! Thanks so much for your work putting together the holiday party--it was a blast! :)