Wednesday, November 18, 2015

There is TV in my immediate future!

Yeah, like this afternoon! It's ten years or more since I've had access to live TV. When we still attended church and there was a big push to get out of debt, we got rid of cable. I've never missed it much until last year when Sonshine left home and the house was super quiet. I've finally adjusted to that, but I've wanted to get back into watching NASCAR and baseball and to checking out hockey. It's also be nice to be up to date on TV shows I'm watching rather than a week or more behind.

So anyway, DH needed to upgrade our Internet connection at home and was able to secure basic cable for additional $20/$30 (we'll see how it actually shakes out). It's what I was hoping to pay anyway, so having better Internet in the bargain is a boon. Now if we could only get a WIFI device that worked consistently.

In other news, we had a storm blow through this past Monday. Tornado watch, possibly tornado warning, but no TV, so I had no idea what was going on outside except that it was blowing pretty hard and it was keeping me awake. See what my priorities are??

So when I got up Tuesday morning, I was rather surprised to see this:

I heard nothing!

Damage was only to the fence and relatively easy to fix but we gotta cut up the huge length of tree. I think we'll be hiring out!

Anyway...  hope you have a great rest of the week. See you Friday!

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