Monday, November 30, 2015

The End of an Era

For the last eight, nine years, our company has been managing the facilitation of access to electronic case files for our county by local and not-so-local defense attorneys.

And now, the county, rather than the defense lawyer's association, has switched gears and has opened and is managing a new system. I'll miss the money we (mostly I) earned from handling the system, but I won't miss dealing with the attorneys. Some of them are very nice, but some of them--despite their advanced degrees--are just dumb.

On another "end" note, we're looking down the barrel to the end of another year. Time to start making the final assessments on this year's goals as well as contemplating goals for next year. I already have two floating around in my brain. Other will depend on how I did on this year's.

My four-day weekend was almost too long. I suppose had I not sat on my butt for most of it, it might not have seemed quite so long. It was nice to go to bed and get up whenever the body dictated. Surprisingly, I didn't nap at all during the days even though it was raining and gloomy. DH and I had laptops on our laps and the TV playing for three days straight. We ate when we were hungry and there was no cooking.

Hope your holiday weekend was just as relaxing. But now...back to work!

Have a great week.

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