Monday, November 23, 2015

Temptation, thy name is Robin Robins...

I got into work Friday and found this:

Who's Robin Robins you ask. Well, she owns/runs this marketing program for IT and MSP companies to which hubby belongs. Each year at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's Day, we get a lovely gift from her, such as the one above.

But here's the thing...I'm sort of unofficially participating in this weightloss-off with DH and his family. They hatched up a plan over DH's birthday last month and he encouraged my to join in the fun. Since it's been my goal all year to lose that last 10/12 pounds (and it's now crunch time), I figured maybe a little healthy competition might help.

Anyway, we're supposed to weight in each Monday morning and chart our weight. And you know what, I've actually lost weight each week, even if it's only been a few ounces.

And now THIS!!!

Well, I figure as long as it all stays at the office, I'll only be tempted three days a week. And if I only have one bite of something each day and add five minutes of walking on the treadmill, then I ought to be golden.



So that's the plan.

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