Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Hump Day--

Enjoyed my second viewing of Benedict Cumberbatch's Hamlet. I caught more of the dialogue, actually understood a few more of the funny bits rather than taking my cue from Benedict, and mostly succeeded in following the plot despite the beauty that is Ben. He has these really lovely arms and I was a bit distracted while they were uncovered. I keep thinking I need to read Hamlet or at least the cliff notes to really  wrap my brain around the whole thing, including the humor, so that when it is released on DVD, I'll be ready.

In other news, the weather is lovely still. Although, surprisingly, DH has even complained that he's cold. I had to close the bedroom windows and kick the heater on over the weekend. I've had moments of chilliness, but that's not unusual...

My NaNoWriMo project is coming along nicely. I'm enjoying the story and rediscovering my joy in writing. I've just over 11K words, though I'm not keeping up with the recommended daily word count and was never aiming for the 50K word goal. Could I do it? Perhaps with a bit more prepping before hand. But I've found that knowing too much about what happens makes me not want to write it.

Not sure I'm ready to dive back into pursuit of publication, either, because writing fan fiction is a unique endeavor and I love it. I don't have a lot of original stories rolling around in my head like many of writer friends do. My ideas are sparked by the characters I love from TV, books, or movies, the characters who touch something in me. So, yeah...

Well, then, time to get the day started. Have a great rest of your week. See you Friday.

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