Wednesday, November 20, 2013

So many books, how do you choose??

So Monday I shared where I get most of my books...

But with soooo many books out there, whether you pay for them or not, how do you choose?

For me it's a combo of the cover and the title. I still haven't decided which one will sway me more. I think it's a toss up, really. But there's some magical mixture that will induce me to click through and read the book description. Most of the time, say 90% to 100% of the time, I will download it.

I should add that the author sometimes plays a factor. Like I'll read just about anything from Deanne Gist or Dee Henderson or Joel Rosenberg.

You know--as I was searching through the covers on my iPad for a few examples to share, I determined that it's the title more than the cover that appeals to me. I'm not saying the cover image isn't important, but as I was looking through my books, I realized that a lot of the covers are just okay.

I realized that I like sounds. I remember people more by voices than faces. So if the title sounds appealing, then I'm more likely to click unless the cover image is a huge clue that I *don't* want to read what's inside. Interesting discovery!

A few more books on my to-be-read pile include:

And the one I started this past weekend was:

Not so much for title or the cover in this case, but because I read the first book by this author, Catching Jordan, and enjoyed her writing.

So...what draws you to a book?? Title, cover, author??


Unknown said...

I still do most of my shopping in a bookstore, so the cover really grabs me first. Then I go by blurb. This doesn't apply for my small collection of auto-buy authors--I snap up their stuff regardless of the cover or blurb! :)

Jen FitzGerald said...

I love going to B&N, but I just don't buy much, especially for myself unless it's a coffee table book or something.

Char said...

I think I start with the author. If I've read them before I don't even pay attention to the title or cover. I head straight to the book blurb to see if I want to read it.

But... when browsing online, I'd say I'm drawn to the cover first, then read the blurb. In the bookstore - unfortunately - it's usually those with their covers facing out that draw me first, though I do scan titles frequently.