Monday, November 4, 2013

Everyday is special...

Back in June or July I posted that list of 45 life lessons, remember? One of those lessons was that everyday is special and that you should use the good china or the good whatevers. I took that little lesson to heart and decided to dig out my special Christmas dessert set and display it. So last weekend when I went to The Home Depot and bought a pumpkin, well, I really went there for shelves.

This weekend, Sonshine helped me put of the shelves. And this is the result!

I'm very pleased and suddenly wondered why it took me so long to put anything on that wall--it was just crying out for some decoration!

 And a quick update on homecoming--Sonshine's girlfriend was quite please with her mum. Here's a shot of the two of them.

She even wore it for it until they had to take the field for half time festivities.

How was your weekend??


Regina Richards said...


Anonymous said...

Those are such neat dishes! Now everyone gets to see and enjoy them. What a great pick-me-up :-)


Char said...

Love the dishes & display. :)