Friday, January 11, 2013


I can say it this week without reservations. Nothing looming except housekeeping. and I'm looking forward to it. Mostly. My house hasn't had a good cleaning in a while. My endurance for a pseudo-clean house is pretty long, but even I'm reaching my limit. I'm surprised DH hasn't said anything, but of course he was gone for three weeks and has been run ragged since he's been back because our remaining employee is on vacation. (He returns Monday or Tuesday.)

The rest of my weekend includes completing my judging duties, as well as finishing Regina's book, which has picked up speed and has me racing towards the end. I'll be done this evening, no doubt. I'm eager to see how it wraps up.

And for some pretties, here's the eastern sky this morning on my way to work. Gorgeous!! (The pics don't do it justice.)

Happy Friday, friends! Have you got big plans??


Unknown said...

Lovely pictures! Did you see the sunset today?

My weekend plans are not terribly exciting. I need to finish my edits so I can send the manuscript back to the editor (with crossed fingers that she'll want to buy it) and I need to prep for class on Monday.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in a bit, though! [g]

Regina Richards said...

My weekend plans are pretty simple. Clean out the garage, do the grocery shopping, church and writing. That's it. A quiet weekend, but I'm good with that.

Beautiful sunset.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Sounds great, ladies.

My tasks are coming along well, so far, too.

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