Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's a bright (bright) (bright) Sunshiny Day

Yes, I'm feeling better today than I was Monday. Still not much to expound upon today, although I'm thrilled to have found a way to recover a major portion of a manuscript I thought was lost to corrupted documents after our server crash last August. I'm not sure how much I saved percentage wise, and it's going to need work to translate some of the gibberish that remains. But it's way more than I had and I'm so happy about it.

My writing has come to a stand-still, but come Sunday I need to get back to work. I really love that manuscript so that is what I'm going to work on for next month's charm cycle. I wrote that thing many years ago and my writing has improved since then so it's going to need some work, but I know that and I'm ready to play in that world again.

Today, though, I just want to share some pictures with you.

First up, last week I saw just a section of rainbow peeking out of the clouds. So here's that!

Most of you who visit my humble blog live local to me so you experienced the snow yesterday for yourself--whether you enjoyed more or less of it than I did depends on where you live. This is what we had when I left the house shortly after 7ish.

 (the edge of my driveway and lawn)

 (I was trying to get the snow on the roof, instead you get snowflakes!)

And last but not least is Princess Kitty Doodle Bug sitting in the flower wreath. My coffee table has a bottom to it, so last year I bought a magnolia/grapevine wreath to set underneath for decoration. It's the perfect size for the kitty, whose name seems to now be Kitty most often and Princess sometimes. Doodle Bug is no longer. (thank goodness)

So happy Wednesday, y'all. We're on the downhill slide to the weekend now!


Regina Richards said...

Pretty Kitty. :)

mtnchild said...

I agree with Regina - pretty kitty. She looks a bit like Joey, just lots younger.

Pretty snow? There are definitely days when there is NOT SUCH THING!!! We still have 9" of frozen snow on the ground. Do I need to say more ... and it is 4-5 deg right now at 8:15 am ...
Enjoy your snow - LOL
Love you all