Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh, yeah, it's Friday. Time to post again.

Late with the post again...

Sonshine didn't have practice this morning, so my whole day started late. By the time I got to work and checked my e-mails (which I couldn't do at home cuz something's hinky with our setup) I got distracted by thoughts of things I need to being doing as well as things I want to do.

Last night was the last football game of the season. Surprisingly, we won. And what a night for me to forget my camera. The band director will retire in the spring and so the last football game is her last as band director. Anyway, it was a good night. The kids had fun and the band director had fun. There were tons of photo ops, if you will, and I missed them. DD and my brown-eyed girl took a few pictures with their phones, but I don't have them to share, at the moment.

But it IS Friday and this weekend should be rather relaxing. Except...

I'm taking Sonshine on a date. He and I will travel across the metroplex to see the Dallas Wind Symphony perform the movie music of John Williams. Some of his greatest hits include themes and pieces from Star Wars, Jaws, Superman, Harry Potter and E.T. The venue is over an hour away and the program will probably last an hour to an hour and a half, but I can't wait experience this with Sonshine.

So here's to a relaxing weekend!

Does this help?

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