Monday, November 26, 2012

And so it begins...

The Thanksgiving holiday & break is over and the rush to Christmas begins.

My four day break was relaxing. It's not often that I'm away from work for that many days in a row, and it was almost too long. I only say that because I have two large-ish flat screen monitors at my job and I can have a lot of programs open and available at the same time with that much real estate. My seven-inch laptop screen isn't so easy to work on when I have to pop back and forth between programs to get things done.

Anyway, our weather has been nice, if a bit windy and the radio said a cold-front is moving in this afternoon. Ew. Not fond of the cold fronts this time of year, 'cause they're actually *cold*!

Christmas has been funded early and I have already started my shopping. This has eased my anxiety over the holidays as I usually fret about money and shopping, and I stress out over the fact that I have to get it all done the week before Christmas. Not so this year and I'm very thankful for that. I'm hoping to be finished by the time the boys leave for the fireworks store so that I can truly enjoy my break from them. Also, I like to do projects around the house without them underfoot and due to the above-mentioned last minute shopping issue of previous years, I haven't been able to do any. I have a several in mind, but I'm not sure which one I want to tackle.

I'm back on the wagon. I know I claimed several weeks ago I was taking back control of things, but that didn't really happen. This time, however, it has. I'm back to eating right--having made sure I have low-cal, healthy snacks and lunches already prepped and ready to go. I'm going to start walking to the post office each afternoon again. And...and I don't know what else. But that's a start.

And it's time to get to work. I hope your holiday was as relaxing as mine.

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Jaime said...

Glad to hear Thanksgiving went well - ours was pretty quiet and laid back, and for that, I am truly thankful. I'm also glad to hear that you won't be so stressed this Xmas. I'm still trying to figure out Xmas, myself. It's always crazy and stressful around here - never fails. LOL!

Sorry to hear about the cold front. Tomorrow's high here is 46 degrees (might feel a bit colder, as we're in a valley - the sun doesn't exactly rise above the mountains until around 8 am. O_o) Part of me wishes we could skip right over winter and go straight on into Spring! LOL!

HUGS! <3