Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The end is near...

Or is it?

Our golden retriever mix is 17 years old. We're amazed that she's still with us and, if you remember, about a month ago we'd taken her to the vet and considered putting her to sleep due to her advanced age and arthritis issues.

So now the bottom right flap of her jaw has sort of gown over her teeth & jaw. The vet said most likely it's mouth cancer, which is fairly common with dogs and can occur at any age. Of course, without proper diagnostics there's no way to know 100% and even then it's take a biopsy to truly know. So considering Honey's age and the fact that we're on quality of life maintenance as it is, we opted to not go with diagnostics or treatment.

It doesn't seem to be bothering her over much, and she's eating and drinking just fine still. She engages with the family, still wags her tail, and most of the time (except when the pain med dose is wearing off) still looks happy.

So we opted not to euthanize at this point either. We're going to watch and enjoy. However, as surprising as it is that's she's 17 and still going, however slowly, we joke that she's gonna be gimping around for quite some time. Sonshine will be 60 and still have this dog from his childhood.

How old is she again?

She's 63.

In dog years?

No. In people years.

Here she is (again):

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