Monday, October 8, 2012's cold!

I had a huge post mostly written for today, but I decided not to post it. Instead, I'll share my great find:

$5 at Target!!!

Friday, the weather turned chilly and Saturday Marching Band Boy and band had a contest. We would be out in the cold all afternoon and evening. I wanted to have hot tea with me. So the girls and I went to Target
 and I found a couple of travel mugs in the kitchen section, but there were $10 each. Ugh. So DD and wandered around over to the camping area to look for a backpack and came upon another aisle that had thermoses, and we saw these. I was so excited. And they worked great. My tea stayed hot hot hot all dang day.

As far as the contest went, we won 1st place, BUT But but we were the only school in our group, so it wasn't a real competition for us in that sense. But score-wise, we seemed to have scored on par many of the 1st and 2nd place schools in the other groups.Our color guard however was awesome and I think received one of the highest scores of the night (compared to other color guards).

And I felt so bad for all the color guard members--they were all wearing light-weight, sleeveless outfits. It was down to 48* degrees by 9/9:30 when the awards were handed out.

I ended up having to pull props--ugh--but I got a few pics:

Our music is called Mysteries of the Nile...our props are pyramids.

Here's Marching Band Boy performing his solo during the first song. You can see one of guard girls in Egyptian costume right behind him.

It was a long day and we have another contest tonight, for the school district.

How was your weekend??


Regina Richards said...

Solo? Good for him!!! And he looks really handsome in his uniform. :)

If he is good enough to be a soloist, I'm thinking college scholarship. Every school fights over band member applications. But Texas state colleges large and small are particularly eager for band members. Football is king and you gotta have a band!

Jen FitzGerald said...

Great info to know about colleges/band! Thanks, Regina.