Friday, October 5, 2012

Moments of childhood....

Sonshine was on a mission the other day: to fashion a sling shot. He'd found a Y-shaped branch and he was off to the races. First he had to make holes in the arms of the Y in order to attach the elastic. That slowed him down since we didn't have any drill bits at home, so Wednesday he asked if I would find some at the office and take them home. Which I did.

Only to discover we didn't have the right type of something in the drill he was using to hold the drill bit securely. I'm not sure how he solved that problem, but at some point, he discovered another. His branch was mostly dead/dry rotted and it crumbled.

So he had to find a new one. Up the oak tree he went. After he'd found one that met his approval, he needed to fire-bake it. Or so he said. To make it stronger I think was his purpose. So he gathered up some large rocks, made a fire pit, and started a fire.

(Yes, we like fire at our house. So?)
(My only concern was him getting soot all over his band t-shirt, so I made him strip.)

Anyway, he finally finished his sling-shot:

I grinned and chuckled through the whole series of events because I love to see him in "little boy" mode. Not really little little boy mode per se, but not just sitting on his butt playing xBox. It was fun to watch him and be involved in the process, too.

My baby is growing up, but occasionally he returns to childhood, and I love it.

I really miss my kids being little. Life was easier and mush less complicated.

Obviously, we can't go back, but if you could, how far back would you like to go?


Regina Richards said...

Raising kids is hard work, but those (so far) have been the best years of my life. Two are away at college now and they youngest is a high school senior who is already chomping at the bit to go away to college (in other words to be parent-free). The ages I miss the most are all the ones from toddlerhood to tween. Happy days!

Regina Richards said...

On the bright side...

It is shocking how much less cooking, cleaning, laundry, and shopping there is to do as my nest empties. As much as I miss the kids (and I do!), I have to say that I do appreciate the reduced work load, worry load, and the ability to go retrieve my things (scissors, stapler, brush, comb, lotion, book I was reading, dictionary, etc.) from where I keep them rather than having to hunt the house.

mtnchild said...

Oh my goodness ... I think I have to agree with Regina. Toodlerhood to tweens. There were so many fun days exploring life through your eyes. We might have been poor at that time, but we had each other.
Love you bunches

Jen FitzGerald said...

Thanks, ladies!

I think you both are right about going back--the toddler years were fun, but finally shedding the diaper bag and being able to do stuff was a great time too.

Teenagers--bah!! Though, truth be told, Sonshine's teen years haven't really been that trying. (knock wood) The girls, on the other hand, are not fondly remembered.