Monday, August 20, 2012

You're never too old for stickers!

So I have a couple of now-empty candle jars. I use them for various things, like pen holders or for my paperclips at the office.

I've been staring at these two clean empty clear glass jars for a week, wanting to do something with them. Well, knowing what I wanted to do, just not mustering the energy to actually make the trek to Michael's.

Friday, I finally found the chutzpa to go. Then of course, it was still early enough for the heavy traffic on the freeway in the direction I needed to go on top of which some other strange things were happening on the highway. So I got off the highway and took the longer, back way up to mall.

So now I'm looking at ALL the stickers. So many colors and types and themes and just whoa! A veritable smorgasborg of stickers.

I had a sticker book as a kid, not sure if I still have it but I don't thinks so, sadly. It was full of Danish stickers from when I'd visited my grandparents in Denmark as a little girl. But I'm thinking I'd really like to start another one.

Anyway, back to the jars and the plethora of stickers to choose from. So I perused and perused, finding quite a few I like, but none that really jumped out at me . . . until I hit the little section of fall themed stickers.

Oh, yes, I love fall. The colors, the smells, the beautiful Indian summer days and the crisp nights.

This set reached out and grabbed me:

It's hard to tell in the picture, but the stickers are sort of layered and 3-d. The little tag says Autumn and actually dangles.

But I needed another set, for a larger jar. There was a Disney's Peter Pan set that tickled me, but the flowers were calling me and there so many neat ones it was really hard to choose.

I finally settled on some daisies, a fun innocent flower. There were two sets I liked, but ultimately chose one over the other because it would just work better with my jars. So here's the set and for some reason, I didn't get a pic of the jar. Weird. Just imagine these stuck randomly around a glass jar.

But then . . . Friday night as I sat in my writing room, I glanced over at the tv tray that I use as an end table and gasped. My cute little green lamp was the perfect item on which to stick that other set of daisies! Oh, I could hardly wait. So Saturday I was at a book signing in the same mall as the Michael's with the stickers, I hit the Michael's on the way home.And, now, I have this!!!!

On another quick I mentioned, I attended a book signing for my dear friend Molly Cannon, whose first book, Ain't Misbehaving was released July 1. If you like funny women's fiction with a dash of romance, then please buy and read Molly's book. She's an awesome writer and not just because I think so. In real life, I laugh constantly whenever we're together.

Here's Molly at the book signing...

And here's her book...

From Marla Jean Bandy might be down, but she's not out. Even though her no-good ex-husband left her for another woman-a Bookmobile-driving librarian twenty years her senior-Marla Jean won't settle for another lonely night. She's not ready for Mr. Right, but why not have a little fun with Mr. Right Now? The only wrench in her plan is her childhood crush, Jake-and the memory of the one toe-curling kiss they shared on a hot summer night years ago . . .

One look at Marla Jean is enough to make any red-blooded man sit up and take notice-especially the kind of man nice girls should avoid. Jake knows he should let her make her own mistakes, but he owes it to her brother to look after her. Trouble is, the harder he tries to do the right thing, the harder it is to resist Marla Jean. She needs a man to make her believe love will last, and for once in his life, Jake wonders if that could be him.

I guarantee a fun read. Go buy it now. :)


Angi Morgan said...

Very cool Jen.

Love your blogs about every day life.


Jen FitzGerald said...

Aw, thanks, Angi!

Kary Rader said...

Those are pretty stickers. Looks great. Molly looks so lovely!

Jen FitzGerald said...

Hey, Kary! Thanks for stopping by. :)