Monday, August 27, 2012

The first day of school...

Is why this post is so late.

Momma got to take Sonshine to school this morning.

And, of course, since it is Monday I have all kinds of other Monday morning tasks to get done. But here I am finally.

I spent Sunday mopping the writing room, kitchen, and hallway floors. Yes, it took me all day because I have to sweep all the dog hair up, then mop the dirt layer off, then mop a second time, and then put a layer (or two) of Mop N Glo on it. We have laminate, so I try to take care of it.

I also spent an hour online chatting with my fellow Robin Hood fen. If you remember back at the end of June, four ladies came to Texas and we had a meetup. I shared pics here and here. Gathering with fellow fans and watching the movie or an episode of the show that binds you is a lot of fun. The commentary can be hilarious. So yesterday, we did that as well. We agreed on an episode and we watched, some via DVD, others via YouTube, and some via Netflix. Altogether we had seven of us watching and commenting.

From my end:

 (my laptop/the chat screen)

 (the list of us who watched/chatted)

Joe Armstrong as Allan a'Dale in episode 1x07, Brothers in Arms.

And a good time was had by all and we've all agreed to meet up again next month to do it again. :)


Angi Morgan said...


FYI: The baby girl started Grad school, took her own "first day" pic and sent it to me. A long-standing tradition. LOL


Jen FitzGerald said...


Char said...

Whoa! Joe looks wonderful on the big screen. What fun.

Sonshine doesn't seem overly thrilled about school - lol.

We shall have to chat about another meet up. So the room for 10 is currently free, right? We just never know how many might show up, even if we invited more people. Might be too costly to get a 'bigger' room. But see what you find out.