Monday, August 13, 2012

The Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

Before leaving OKC, we trekked to downtown and visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. The memorial is located on the site where the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building once stood. It's a lovely setting and a wonderful tribute to those that died. For more info on the bombing, visit the Wiki page.

 School children made tiles to thank the people who came to help.

There's a bucket of chalk and people can come leave messages for their lost loved ones.

This tree survived the blast and is called the Survivors Tree.

There's a chair for every person who died. The bases are made of glass with a name etched on the front. At night they light up. Many of them had pine cones placed on them. And all the trees you see--these are large pine trees. Not planted there--but huge fully grown trees place here. It's quite lovely.

This is part of one the original building's walls--left to show the the extent of the damage.

Keepsakes left in memory of those who died.

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Regina Richards said...

My brother had a meeting in that building that morning. He would have been there when the bomb went off, but his son was having a minor crisis he had to handle first. Many people he knew died that day.

Horrible tragedy.