Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Raring to go!

The getaway to Oklahoma City with three writer pals was a blast. Not only did we have fun getting to know one another, but we all left OKC prepared and ready to work. We spent several hours on the story of choice for each one of us. I'm so excited and anxious to dive into revisions for Children With a Chance of Marriage, book two of a pair. But . . . I have to finish revisions for book one first.

Speaking of Children With a Chance of Marriage, I sent in the revised entry last Tuesday and received an e-mail later that day that all finalist entries (four of them) had been sent off to the final round judges. Did I mention all three final round judges were editors at various e-publishers--one of whom is my target publisher??? Wish me luck. I'm very excited, but oh how I want book one done.

So some pics from the trip...

(The sky to the east as I left home Sunday morning to pick up my friend Angi Morgan.)

On Sunday evening, we headed to Bricktown--a revitalized section of downtown OKC--for dinner.

And we enjoyed yummy eats and a cool atmosphere at Toby Kieth's I Love This Bar & Grill!

 (from l-r: me, Jan Schliesman, Angi Morgan, and Sarah Cannon.)

After dinner, we walked some of our dinner off along the little canal they built through the middle of Bricktown. I believe they call it that because they redid many of the streets with brick along with the fact that many many of the buildings are the old brick buildings, now restored.

 (This is where we started, behind Toby Kieth's.)

(This is not where we ended, but just another view of the canal along the way.)

After dinner and the walk, we headed back to the hotel, got comfy and jumped right into helping Angi work on titles, characters, and plots for a three book proposal she needs to write for her agent to submit to Harlequin.

Stay tuned--more to come!


mtnchild said...

Yeah, I'd say you had a wonderful trip! I take it the weather was nice and hot, but thankfully no storms. You're on track again ... stay there.
Love you,

Regina Richards said...

I was born in Oklahoma. This makes me think I need to head up that way again soon and bother my relatives. Glad you had a great time!