Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I have to eat more? WHUT?

Yes. I have discovered that I need to eat more. I've been trying to eat more. But you know what--it's harder than it seems.

Some of you may remember back in April, I do believe, I announced I wanted to lose weight. A lot of it. Twenty-eight pounds to be specific, by June 29th. It did not happen.

I cut out sugar, cut out more carbs, and increased my calorie burning efforts.

Today, I am a mere *seven* pounds lighter than I was on May 6th, when I officially started the program. (My personal program, that is. Not a famous one.)

I do feel better, mostly, but I still want to get rid of a few more pounds.

I think the biggest problem is that when I'm doing well on the exercise efforts I don't compensate with additional calories to feed my body and it goes into starvation mode and begins to hold on to the padding I'm carrying around. And I feel hungry all the time, which I hate.

This week I have made an effort to have more (healthy) snacks on hand. So I've added fruit back into my diet. I had resisted them, aside from berries, because of the sugar--yes, I know it's healthy sugar--but still. So bananas and apples are my friends once again. So far so good, I haven't felt as hungry and I'm working on that. Now I just have to stay consistent with the exercise. I'll let you know how it turns out.

On other fronts, Marching Band Boy went to band camp yesterday and came home with a new instrument. He mainly plays the trumpet, but has also done stints on the baritone.

Last year, he commented on several occasions about how the French horn always seemed to have the coolest parts of their show music.

Needless to say, he came home with the French horn yesterday.

You're saying that's not a French horn. (Am I right?) Well, actually, it a marching French horn, also called a mellophone. It's a brand new instrument and MBB is thrilled to be playing it.

Are you musically inclined? I'm so not! If you are, share your instrument...


Regina Richards said...

I am not muscially inclined at all. Tried to interest my kids in music. Paid for a lot of lessons and now own a beautiful piano and a top notch guitar nobody ever touches.

Jen FitzGerald said...

My daughters were not interested in music either, but I love to listen to my son play. I just hope he keeps up with into adulthood.

Char Newcomb said...

There is nothing 'mere' about 7 lbs! Remember, you aren't supposed to lose too fast - it's not healthy. I only wish it were as easy to take off 7 as it is to put them on. Ugh. I know my metabolism is so screwed from years of yo-yo dieting. A friend, who is working with a trainer now, was told that muscle-building is critical because the muscles help burn that lovely fat our bodies don't want to get rid of. Exercise & diet isn't enough. Toning. So... I need to figure out how to build this into my routine. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Oh to have a part time job... :)