Friday, July 20, 2012

Fort Worth Friday

Here it is, followers and gentle readers--my idea! A series of posts on the history of and other interesting things about my (adopted) home town of Fort Worth. Mostly it'll be about down town and the cool historical things that can be found there, but we'll hit a few other more current things here and there too. I love love love history and without further ado...


I just read, in preparation for my posts, that Fort Worth is "the most typically Texan of all Texas cities." I know what they mean, but it's kinda hard to explain. One of FW's slogans is "Where the West Begins." which helps to do so. FW is a unique combination of Old West and urban city.

It began life as a lonely outpost and is now the 16th most populous city in the US and the 5th most populous in Texas. The first settlement was established in 1840 or so and in 1873, Fort Worth was incorporated with a population of 500. Today we have 741K folks working and playing in our fair city.

This is the boundary now, according to Google maps:

Fort Worth is also considered the county seat and the courthouse stands prominently in the middle of down town:

(this picture is one I took)

If not a resident of FW or surrounding areas, have you ever visited? What did you think?


Jaime said...

I went to Dallas for a figure skating competition once when I was about 8 or 9 years old (1988-1989.) I think that's about as close as I got to Fort Worth. LOL! I remember several of the rinks I skated in were in malls - one of which was five stories high, which totally freaked me out because I'd never seen a mall that big before. LOL! I remember it being really friendly, and the food was very good (I'd gone to Chicago the previous year and spent the entire week eating nothing except for spaghetti. Heh.)

It still throws me a bit, though, that our towns began around the same time, and yours is so big and ours only has a little over 3,000 people. *shakes head*

Still, looks like a nice place - I look forward to your posts! :D

Anonymous said...

Like learning about ft worth, please keep it up! And for the record, I found your blog through WANA tribe.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Hi Jaime! Ice skating, huh??? That's pretty cool.

Hello anonymous, glad to have you visit. :)