Monday, July 16, 2012

Crazy Weather & Disappointments

Yes, it's July all over, but here in Texas that usually means sunny and hot for extended periods of time.

Except, we've been cooling off on a regular basis with mild thunderstorms and light rain that have no tornado producing elements in them what-so-ever. I'm not complaining because it's been lovely to enjoy relative coolness in the evenings. Now that I'm walking the dogs each night.

In an effort to get the dogs to sleep until *I* want to get up (rather than 3am) I have starting walking them each evening. One at a time because Honey walks so slow these days. Honey walks to one end of the street and back (we live in the middle of the block), but Sammy, who's a little more spry and excited, gets to go to one end and then to the other. For the most part it's been working thank goodness and I get to sleep until *I'm* ready to get up.

So I've been trying and trying and trying to finish revisions on one of my manuscripts. But I've been struggling. I set myself a deadline only to postpone it. Twice.

Yesterday, I took a step back and determined why I had been having such a hard time with the story.

Sure, I figured it out, but now it mean MORE revisions. Ugh. I'm ready to be done with this story. But finish it I shall. Eventually. Just not right now.

I'm going to move on to one of my other WIPs--one that seems closer to being finished and see if I can't make that happen.

No pictures today, but soon. I have an idea for a series of blog posts and I'm rarin' to go with it.

Happy Monday.


Char Newcomb said...

Revisions can be so frustrating. At least you figured out why you're having a hard time with it. You can do it! Fire through those revisions so you can finally say THE END and shuffle that thing off for publication. Hang in there!

Unknown said...

The weather has been great--every time I sit outside, I can't believe it's July!

Good luck with your revisions! Glad you figured out what was blocking you.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Char and Lara.