Thursday, July 28, 2011


Nothing new to report, really. It's still hot.

Life goes on in a never-ending cycle.

We'll be getting some work done around our house starting next week. My father-in-law is suddenly unemployed, though I don't know the real story. But they need money. We have some and we need some work done, so...

I'll be getting flooring in my writing room. And FIL will be painting/installing the floor molding as well. After that I'll just have to order the desk and do a bit of decorating and I'm ready to rum I mean write!

Sonshine's room will probably also be getting flooring as well as molding done. He has no molding at all, at the moment. I'd taken it all down to paint his room eons ago. Then life happened and we never have gotten around to finishing it.

There are few other projects, but I won't bore you with those right now.

It's nice and quiet here in the office. No one here but me, so I'm going to sign off and write while the writing's good.

Keep cool. :/

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Regina Richards said...

New flooring sounds great and having your writing room ready for a cozy fall and winter sounds perfect.

At my house roofers are hammering endlessly over my head. They say they'll probably finish today. Don't know how they work up there all day in this heat.