Thursday, July 21, 2011


Just whining today because my mouth hurts. I have an abscess on the roof of my mouth, next my bridge. And it hurts. I've been popping a lot of ibuprofen lately and if I stay on top of it, then I can mask the pain, but right now it's throbbing--though probably cuz I was messing with it, not for lack of drugs. I have hot tea to help, but it's just a little too hot, atm. If it doesn't get better by tomorrow I may have to break down and go to the dentist. Grr...

Tonight is the first band booster board meeting, starring me--the band booster prez. I'll be spending part of today making sure I'm ready for it. Though I started that process last week, a last minute check is never a bad thing.

Sonshine came to work today to play WOW all day, so I have company. He's a pretty cool kid--most of the time, when he's not being a typical teen-age boy. But even then... :)

Okay, tea's cool enough to drink (for me) and working its magic already. (Ahhh....)

The room is at a stand still, partially because so many other things are going on and partly because I've been so dang exhausted. I don't know why, though. I crash at 9:30/10PM and sleep until 6:30AM. That's a lot of sleep for me. I even took a cat nap yesterday afternoon.

I walked last night. I forced myself out the door to walk around at least one block, but ended up doing all three, though at a slower pace. Tonight, I'm not sure if I'll be up for walking after my meeting. We shall see.

Okay, well, enough rambling and babbling. I'm going to do a little bit of work, number crunching and what-not, and then maybe some writing.

Stay cool!

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Regina Richards said...

Ouch! Abcesss hurt anywhere, but having one in the tender mouth is really bad.

I think this heat is exhausting everyone. Even when I'm indoors it seems to pull all the moisture and energy out of me. And even my strapping teens.

Stay cool and get well soon!