Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Writers Retreat pictures...

We went to Country Woods Inn...if you want to see what the cabins and the grounds were like, check the web site. I failed to get many pictures of those.

The highlights of my weekend were, not necessarily in this order:

1) Ella, the sheep with the missing ear, who reminded of my dear stuffed neon green bunny, received many many Easters ago.

2) Annie Sam the resident pig who was quite cute and enjoyed a good scratching.

3) And Josh, our waiter at dinner on Friday night at a local restaurant.


mtnchild said...

I followed the link to the Inn. Beautiful place.

I'm so glad you still have Green Bunny. If you ever get rid of him, I WANT HIM!!! I have the green frog that Dusty use to cart around. I know, silly woman!

Jen FitzGerald said...

Oh Green Bunny will never need a new home till I'm dead! But it's good to know he'd have one. :P

Regina Richards said...

Didn't get to spend much time with you at the retreat, but I sincerely was writing my head off when I wasn't eating with you guys. You all seemed to be having so much fun I wanted to hang out more, but I'm trying hard to turn over a new leaf and bring a better work ethic to this writing thing and I don't seem to be able to visit and write at the same time like everybody else. How do you guys do that?!!