Friday, November 26, 2010

Craftiness at Half Off!

So I decided to go to Hobby Lobby today. I was hoping that despite it being black Friday, the craft store at 11:30 am would no longer be jam packed.

Well, it hadn't been jam packed at all according to the cashier, but regardless of the crowd, everything I bought, except one item, was 50% off. The one item was 30% off! So $73 worth of stuff for $36. Woo Hoo!! It was as if my trip was meant to be. :)

I decided to make little goodie bags for all the band kids and I wanted to include an ornament with their name and the year. We had all the other little things going into the bag, save the home made cookies, except the ornaments. We (DD and I) wanted something pretty easy to make, hence the trip to the craft store.

First stop, the wood section, hoping for a lot of something we could easily paint and decorate for 34 kids. No such luck. But when we went over to the Christmas section, we hit the jackpot. Letter ornaments--four different Christmassy designs. We ran into trouble with Ms though. There are five kids whose names start with M, but we could only find three of the four patterns, so unfortunately we have to have two dupes there. But the best part was they were only 49 cents each after the discount!!! Woot!!

So all that's left to do is personalize each one, bake the cookies and put the little goodie bags together. And deliver them of course. Can't wait to see their faces and collect all their hugs!

So Parade of Lights tonight downtown and then back home to work on these ornaments. This is one of the parts of Christmas I love the most--the unexpected giving and the reactions of the receivers.

What's your favorite part of Christmas?


Anonymous said...

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mtnchild said...

oooooooh you have a Hobby Lobby!!! We don't have a decent craft store within 80 miles!! Of course that means the money stays in my wallet, but I sure would love a trip to HL.

How was your Thanksgiving? Whose house did you go to or did you stay home?

I went with Dale & Candy to her parents and then later we had a second dinner at Jackie & Phil's. No more than one dinner ever again. I left the house at 10:20 am and didn't get home until 9 pm.

Have you heard from Katie?


Regina Richards said...

My favorite part of Christmas is usually the lights on the homes. But this year my favorite part of Thanksgiving was having my oldest home from college and having all our family together again. That will also be my favorite part of Christmas I think.