Monday, November 29, 2010

Mission Accomplished--

I had one major goal for the four-day holiday weekend:

Finish chapter 34 of my epic Robin Hood fanfic.

And I did it. After several major re-writes, I finished it (all 2700 words minus 2 of it) Sunday morning before noon and then put it aside to read later with a fairly fresh eye before sending it off to my wonderful beta-reader.

My word processing software sucks and its spell-check isn't turned on, so I'll read it this morning in MS Word before sending it along to catch any misspelled or missing words. Reading my work on two different computers and in two very different programs is very helpful for that. And that's all the credit that other software gets. :P


The countdown's on...eighteen days until hubby and son are off on their bi-annual stay at our fireworks store. This leaves DD and I and the dogs home on our own. This is a time when I get the bed to myself for two straight weeks. And I can snore my fool head off without being jiggled awake every once in a while. I won't have to make the bed or clear off his half from clean laundry or other stuff so he can sleep.

Over the next eighteen days, I will get the house C-L-E-A-N so I don't have to do but the basics. DD and I will talk about what we want to eat while the boys are gone--less cooking or things the men don't like. Either way, it's win-win.

I'll lose a few days to working the Dallas Cowboys Stadium and a couple to Christmas and to actually working the store on the 30th & 31st. Oh, and then there'll be Christmas shopping, but I think I'm going to delegate most of that to DD!! Then all I have to do is shop for her. Oh, yeah, I'm liking that idea.

And the rest of the days are mine. I can stay up late or get up early or both or neither. :) I don't have to consider my other half.


After a year and a half, I have finally had pumpkin cake! Heavenly! Although, I will admit I don't need as much frosting as I used to. But the cake itself was just lovely.


mtnchild said...

I know your feeling of "two whole weeks" alone! I have been running so much here in November that it's about 5x as much as usual!! I'm needing a bit of time off too, but with Christmas coming I have to do a bit of running for gifts. Not too much as I try to combine all the running to one trip!

I won't start the decorating until Dec. 1 - too much Christmas all at once is just too overwhelming. A little here and a little there until it all comes together, and then on New Years Day it all comes down.

I wish I could delegate shopping, but the dog just won't go to town!!
Love you,

Regina Richards said...

I am on a clean the house jag as well. I'm also working hard to get my writing organized. So while no one is leaving me the house as my personal retreat anytime soon, I'm with you on 'clearing the decks' before I 'deck the halls'.