Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Friday Night Lights

I got sucked into a new TV show and am halfway through available episodes. (The fifth and final season begins in late October.)

Friday Night Lights was recommended to me by a friend and I finally decided to give it a try. Based on the movie and book of the same name, the show is compelling drama. At least to me. I don't think it's everyone's cup of tea, although it has won many awards and the actors who play the coach and his wife were nominated as best leading actor/actress.

It centers around the high school football team of a fictional west Texas town. The coach and his family serve as the central focal point, but the show also spends a lot of time following a handful of players and their lives/loves/family life. Not every character has a story in every episode although he or she may be seen as part of others' story lines. But I almost never realize a character is missing, 'cause what's onscreen is pretty riveting.

My biggest gripe is dropped plot lines. There are several times I've wondered, "Hey, what happened to so-and-so?"

What's your favorite compelling TV show?


Regina Richards said...

These days I mostly use tv as background noise or as a coma-inducer when I'm really not feeling like participating in life. But I've never watched Friday Night Lights.

When I hear people rave about shows I often make a point not to watch them. Sounds perverse, but it's really self-protective. I'm afraid it really will be as good as they say and I'll get hooked on it and it'll eat up my time.

Not that I seem to be using that time to accomplish anything significant...

Regina Richards said...

Okay, now you have me wanting, wanting, tempted, wanting to watch Friday Nights Lights. *sigh*

If I get hooked, I'm going to blame - or thank :) - you.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Hmmm, not sure I want that on my shoulders, Regina. :)

Maybe I can unsell it...it's not exactly wholesome viewing even though it's about teenagers. You know, teenagers are into all kinds of things and this show doesn't shy away from touching on any subject: sex, alcohol, drugs, sex...did I say sex? Adultery, cheating, religion, racism, small town/football politics. Murder. Broken homes, bratty kids.

Real life. Who wants to watch real life on TV???

Did it work?

Unknown said...

As a fellow writer and FNL, I had to add you to my blog roll. lol. I've been a FNL fan since day one.

It's a hard show to explain to others because it is about life. It's just done is such a way to make it compelling and you feel like there really is a Dillon Tx, and if you went there, you'd see Coach and Matt, maybe Landry would be with him. lol.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Hi Mary--

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm glad to meet another FNL fan, there are too few of those in my life. (read: none)