Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All wet!

Tropical Depression Hermine as wrought havoc up and down my state, at least in rainfall, if not in other ways. It has been raining since yesterday mid-morning pretty much without ceasing. There was a lull around two pm yesterday afternoon when I walked to the post office, but it was actually still raining. There were a handful of tornado watches and a few tornado warning last evening (and that's just in the DFW area). And, as you can guess, with the amount of rain and the speed in which it is falling, there are flash flood warnings and watches up and down the state as well.

Our office was shut down this morning for about an hour and a half as we discovered water in our fuse box! We called the business park for someone to take a look and they basically said we were okay now that the water was drained but that they couldn't really do anything until the rain stopped and everything dried out. Great; so in the mean time, we just hope the electricity doesn't arc and fry the building.

I was hoping I'd be sent home for the day, but we were given the go ahead to power the PCs back up. So here I am. Blogging. :) I'll get to work soon...maybe...


mtnchild said...

Boy, if it's not one thing it's another!!! Hope your fuse box stays OK. We are suppose to have rain today, but right now at 9:30 we have a bit of sun.

The camping trip was great, but the deer ate most of my strawberry plants to a nub! Higher fence, higher fence!

Stay safe.

Regina Richards said...

Weather's a weird thing. The very same evening snowfall that's a headache for the pizza delivery man is pure joy to the kids building a snowman.

Yesterday was like that for my family. While I was home writing to the sound of the falling rain, my husband was at work wondering if the tornados lifting the roofs off buildings to either side of him was going to hit him as well.