Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Football and Marching Bands

Last night hubby, DD (that's darling daughter, remember) and I went to see sonshine in his first marching performance. It was just for family to show us what they've been doing and what they've learned. I did take my camera and I do have pics and video, but (alas) I left the camera cable at home. So video will have to wait until tomorrow. (Sorry, Mom.)

His first real public performance is Thursday at a football game in Dallas. And I have to miss it. Hubby said he would go to show familial support. And where will I be you ask????

DD and I (and others) will be at the brand new Dallas Cowboys stadium dishing up hot dogs and cold beer on behalf of the band. Our band booster has a contract with the franchise and this is how they earn the bulk of their annual operating capital--somewhere around $15K to $17K. And if we work the Super Bowl in February, that'll be another $2K just for one event. Holy marching bands, Batman!

Video tomorrow, I promise.

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mtnchild said...

Wonderful, keeps the boy busy so he doesn't have time for shenanigans!! We are leaving tomorrow morning for a camping trip to Topsy, won't be back until Monday around noon. You have time to load it; I don't think I'll be on this machine until we return.

Really looking forward to seeing the boy!!