Friday, September 5, 2008

More Politics...

...but without Jonas Armstrong to pretty it up.

So what about Barack Obama? Does he have the judgment and discerment needed to be Commander-In-Chief?

Obama thinks Iraq is too small to be a serious threat against the U.S. When he made his opinion clear in a May 2008 speech, even the media and the Democrats were stunned. He changed his mind the next day, but his initial instinct was clear.

Obama said the surge in Iraq wouldn't work, and could quite possibly make it worse. The fact of the matter is, the surge did work, and we are closer than ever to bringing our troops home.

Obama still maintains that he disagrees with the decision to send the additional troops to Iraq (the surge). Despite the fact that attacks are down more than 80% nationwide and combat casualties have plummeted. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Obama urged the Georgian restraint when Russia invaded it without provocation and raped and pillaged this small but free democratic nation. The whole free world condemned Russia's actions, but Obama's initial instinct and judgement were flawed. Why shouldn't any nation defend its people and its freedoms? It seems to me when a couple of planes brought down the Twin Towers, our reaction was swift and decisive.

Obama opposes drilling in American and in our off-shore waters for oil. Why??? Just because it may take a few years to see results. But the sooner we get started, the sooner we reap the benefits. According to
Investor's Business Daily in July (08), "The Department of the Interior estimates that there are 112 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil beneath U.S. federal lands and coastal waters. That's enough oil to power 60 million cars for 60 years. That's not counting the trillion barrels locked up in shale rock - three times the total oil reserves of Saudi Arabia."

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