Monday, September 1, 2008

More musings... Gloomy ones mostly.

Hurricane Gustav is barreling its way toward my state. Hanna is not far behind. I don't fear for personal safety, as I'm far to the north of affected areas. But I do ponder the spiritual ramifications. Gustav and Hanna are storms seven and eight, respectively, in the Atlantic hurricane season this year. It seems that we get more tropical storms/hurricanes and they are getting stronger. What does this mean? If you're an End Time believer as I am, it just means that the End Times are moving closer. I'm all for that.

National elections are also on the horizon. As disappointed in Bush as I am, I don't think I'll be voting Democrat this year. I've read that Obama was the most liberal senator in D.C. & now a quick Google search tells me Biden is the third most liberal senator. So together they are the most liberal presidential ticket ever. And based on a bipartisan poll, 60% of Americans consider themselves conservative. Huh? What? Couldn't convince me. But that's what people consider themselves, maybe not what their behaviors truly indicate.

It's always been my understanding, rightly or wrongly, that Democrats are for big government: more social services programs, more control, etc.... In my personal humble opinion, there should be less government. This is the world's richest nation. There's no reason on Earth, society at large, not big government should be taking care of its own. This would stabilize and boost the economy, while hopefully lowering the government's debt, and keeping our taxes low. Okay, the unemployment rate is creeping back up, HOWEVER, there are always going to be these variations, and there is always going to be unemployment because there are people who just don't want to work, so to always blame the current president seems a little unfair.

So a friend of mine posted, in its entirety, Barack Obama's acceptance speech, which I did not hear in the first place, or read in the second place. She has changed her spots after a lifetime of voting Republican. It just seems to me that all candidates blow a lot of hot air about what they're for or against, and you can never really know what's going to happen. After all, the president is still subject to checks and balances by the other branches of the government. If they could just play it a little more honestly. Tell us what's close to their hearts, not what people want to hear. Tell us what they can truly attempt to achieve, not what people want to hear. Because I don't know if I can count on one hand how many presidential promises have been kept.

All that being said, whether Obama or McCain ends up in the White House, I know that God is on His throne. I place my trust in Him that He will provide all that I need in good times and bad.

Who really believes in Global Warming? I don't. Not that I don't think we should take care of our planet, but this hysteria over carbon footprints and credits is rediculous. Why are the American people as a whole being chastized and beaten up day by day when we have some of the cleanest air of any industrialized/technologically advanced nations in the world. Let's see we just spent two weeks in China, where they have some of the worl'd worst air. And did we even think to say anything to them??? Not only that, but numbers show that the Little Medievel Period was far warmer than our temps today, and we all survived. That and it was follwed by another Ice Age. Hmm??? What about the fact the Southern Hemisphere has actually been experiencing a cooling trend. One of the glaciers in the Australia/New Zealand area has actually been getting larger. So how can it be GLOBAL warming???

You know, most of the rest of the world looks down on the U.S., but let me ask you, to which country does most of the rest of the world want to come??? Many believe that America should stay out of the affairs of other countries? But how can we? Do we choose only the good things, but not the tough? We're damned if we do and damned if we don't. Let's see, if we don't go to the Middle East and despose a one of the world's most evil men in the worl'd history, should we go to one of the poorest nations after a horrendous tidal wave? Whether the other major world powers like it or not, mainly the evil ones, if we weren't the world's policeman, we might be living under communist rule. Don't doubt it for a minute.

Back to Obama for just one second--despite his background, I don't think he truly understands how evil and dangerous the forces of Islam are. He wants to go play nice and talk. Those true followers of Allah and the Koran are out to destroy the infeidels -- anyone and everyone who does not believe in Allah. It's not about politics and economics for these people. Their releigion is about getting back to thier 7th century culture. I think McCain has a better grasp on the evil in the world. If all else were equal, I'd vote for McCain.

Well, I've run out of steam and lost my train of thought. I'll be back later with some eye candy, my newest crush Jonas Armstrong.


Claudia said...

Wow! That´s an interesting post, I enjoyed reading about your point of view. Living in Europe, I know that people here do not look down on America - but they do look down on Bush. I agree that all politicians are too willing to tell us what we want to hear but after watching the Palin speech myself, I can´t believe that anyone would vote for her. Instead of making snide remarks about the opposition, it may have been more appropriate to tell the people more of what they want to hear - like how she plans to help fix the mess that Bush has gotten you all into.

Jen FitzGerald said...

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