Monday, September 15, 2008

A Cornucopia of Topics...

My house is just about free of anything remotely related to the business, owners aside. The only thing left is the "Behemoth"--our huge color laser jet printer whose individual cartridges cost anywhere from $150 to $200 each, depending on the color. Yeah, ouch. Needless to say we don't use it very often. Only for select projects that must be as professional looking as we can make them...

Eleven of my seventeen brand new vinyl windows and the two storm doors were installed this past Friday, and are a joy to behold and enjoy. It's really strange to be able to leave the front door open even when the A/C is running, but the front storm door is also energy efficient and completely sealed.

All but three of my cabinet doors are back in place--the screws for the last three seem to be missing, so a trip to The Home Depot will be in order...

We have a new, larger fridge (not brand new, but new to us), and our old one brought to the office so that we can bring lunch and have cold beverages on hand while we work hard... ha ha!

Ike brought us some wind and some light to moderate rain on Friday and Saturday. Yesterday was nice, but today is perfect camping weather, and I sure would love to be out enjoying the great outdoors instead of here at the office.

Our former office space, aka my two car garage, is now the family room. It's still not completely finished, but until my kitchen and my living room are finished, I'm not spending a dime.

I spent Saturday cleaning out the two hall closets that were so jam packed full of stuff. I can now walk into both of them--not stand in the hall and lean in to dig around for whatever I might be looking for.

While the windows were being installed, I got to play housewife for the day. Boy, I sure miss that. One of these days... Well, my goal is to be able to stay home one day a week. Not sure how long it'll take to get there, though.

Well, since I was home Friday, I have lots of tasks waiting for me today... Better get at 'em.

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