Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Discovering an old love...

Not that kind...

The other day, my younger daughter decided she wanted to cross-stitch. I always get tickled when she wants to do something crafty. So we ended up at JoAnn's and found a simple little kit of a couple of hummingbirds fluttering about some honeysuckle blossoms.

After watching her enjoy her crafting, I decided I wanted to cross-stitch again, too. So I dug out an old kit (one my mom gave me many moons ago--remember the house, Mom?) that is about 90% done and added a few stitches. And how amazing is it to see someone else's beautiful pattern and imagery come to life by your own hand?

In my cross-stitching heyday I even designed and stitched birth samplers for my kids. Anyhow, it was an enjoyable evening sitting with my daughter, watching TV and cross-stitching.

If you're crafty, what's your favorite kind to do?

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mtnchild said...

Hi Hon,
I vaguely remember the house . . . you're right, it was a long time ago! I guess it's time for remembering old crafts, I've started a bit of knitting again.

I couldn't even begin to list the crafts I do - I think it might be easier to list what I don't do - macrame...... never could get into the 60's & 70's plant hangers...LOL

Enjoy your cross stitching again.
Love, Mom