Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer's begun...

Marked for me by the last day of school, not the official first day of summer.

Last day of school was Friday for my son.

Next comes church camp for the two youngest, although not the same week. First the middle child is off to Colorado for CIY (Christ in Youth), and then the following week the younger one is off to kid's camp (for the last year, since he's now officially a middle schooler at church).

In between, and in conjunction with that, hubby will be taking off to run a fireworks stand, so he'll be gone for about three weeks.

If you're looking for a really awesome fireworks show, my husband can't be beat. About three hours of almost non-stop fireworks. We'll have three shows: June 28 in Leroy, Texas; July 3, in Venus, Texas; and July 4 in Justin, Texas. If you want more info on any of these dates and locations, click here.

One last thing... since last Thursday, when I bought & downloaded the entire season (13 episodes) of Lifetime's Army Wives onto my iPod, I have watched all thirteen episodes. I was hooked. And the really sucky thing is I don't have cable, which translates to no Lifetime, and the season premiere of the second season aired last night after an explosive season one finale. I will now have to wait awhile to find out what happened. Sigh...

Well, this post has taken entirely too long to put up because I had to go create the fireworks web page, so I'm signing off after making no point what-so-ever except proving that I am a nut!


L.A. Mitchell said...

I just watched the season-ender from last year and really loved it. I can see why people are hooked. I missed Sunday's though.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Lifetime's Army Wives page has the whole episode available, L.A. I watched it yesterday afternoon.


K.M. Saint James said...

I'd love to know about the 28th date. Where is that town . . . nevermind, that's what google maps are for, right? Just the details about the display would be awesome.

My youngest is off to camp at the end of the week -- Colorado. She's equal parts excited and scared as this will be her first major trip away from the family.

Hope you get your 'stuff' done so you can enjoy a little summertime fun.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Sandra, if you click on the click here link in the original message, there is a map and directions. That particular is on about 45 minutes long, though.