Friday, June 6, 2008

On blogging...

What to blog about...? As I was pondering the question, several topics came to mind. But as I considered each one, and then thought about the things covered in other blogs I read, I asked myself: What is the purpose of my particular blog?

Well, my mother tells me she is able to keep up with my life by what I post. (Because I'm such a bad daughter and I don't call, write, or email as often as I should - she's in Oregon, we're in Texas.) So part of the purpose has become to keep my mom up-to-date on family doings.

My original purpose was to establish a web presence. As an aspiring author, establishing a web site and blog seemed almost to be a must there for a while. So I followed the herd and created one and have tried to faithfullly ramble at least twice a week (another recommendation - blog regularly).

Another perk of blogging is that one can expound on any subject that interests him or her. One may impart some previously unknown but interesting information to readers, get on a soap box and rant about some perceived injustice, run the risk of making them think you're crazy , or totally alienating them, or any combination thereof. I think I lean toward making people think I'm totally crazy. ;)

I've determined that my purpose is as follows:

a) Keep Mom apprised of the family here in Texas in between emails and phone calls (letter, what's a letter?)
b) Maintain my little space of the Internet where I can wax poetic or rant freely or bemoan the challenges that life throws at me
c) Confirm to my family and friends that I am indeed out there
d) Share a little of the varied things that interest me

b through d are not in any particular order, although c may happen because of b and d!

As for today, I've been extraordinarily productive ~ getting quite a few tedious office tasks completed - you know, like going through the pile of vehicle related paperwork, sorting by vehicle, and then filing in the correct place. Creating a new file for the new car and calling the insurance company. Cleaning out all my in boxes. (I have four.)

Okay, I won't bore you silly any longer, but I hope your day is as productive as mine.

As for the next blog topic, there's just no telling.

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L.A. Mitchell said...

Sounds like you're getting things done. Once the heat sets in, I have to bribe myself.