Monday, June 2, 2008

Famine to feast... And other miscellany

Okay, so last Thursday I bemoaned a bad day, knowing it was going to be a bad day before it even began. Mainly because of money, but there were several other unrelated factors that contributed.

So Friday comes and the money issues are solved in a big way. We have a new client and an influx of cash. We also have two other potential clients just waiting to be signed up. One's almost a sure thing, just a matter of time.

Which means within the next two to three months, we'll need to hire a third technician. The main problem is that our current office space is at max capacity.

Friday night hubby and I take two of three kids out to eat to celebrate. On the way home, I exit one exit early to look at the available office space I pass on a daily basis as I take my oldest to school. We pull into the parking lot and peek in the windows. A few minutes later a woman walks up. "Would you like to look inside? I own the building."

Well, yeah. We end up looking in all the available office spaces (three of them). After chatting about cost and size and utilities, we find out we share a major client: Tarrant County lawyers. And because of her other business, she could probably drive more clients to us.

Hmm... Definitely a God thing.

Counter top people come today. My husband has our cabinets level front to back, left to right, and diagonal. So hopefully by the end of the day, I will have beautiful counters. We still need a plumber to come hook up the sink and the gas to the stove. But we're several steps closer. Finally. Then it'll be up to me to finish the cabinets and paint the walls and trim. After that, install flooring and trim... We're on the downhill slide now. Woo hoo!

Last Wednesday as I was driving home from church, the 'check engine' light came on in my truck. On Saturday, we took it to the dealership. It costs $90 just to diagnose the problem. I told you it was the tranny. But the tranny guy doesn't work on Saturday. So sometime today, we should know something. But it's still going to cost somewhere around $700. They'll take it apart for free to tell us what's wrong with it, but it'll cost $700 to put it back together. That doesn't include whatever parts are necessary to actually fix it. Sigh...

Do you ever have those moments, when after some serious soul searching, prayer, Bible reading, sermon listening, or whatever, you think that maybe, just maybe, you need to make a significant change in your life?

Yep, that's where I'm at. Debating, considering, thinking. Not so much arguing with myself about making the change. Just *how* and when.

I'm tired of being too busy.

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