Friday, June 20, 2008

The storm clouds are gathering...

The title above is, among other things, a quote from the 90s TV show "Sports Night" - a brilliant, downright laugh-out-loud funny thirty minute comedy. It was the first TV show we bought on DVD and we have gotten our money's worth out of it. The whole family loves it and watches it, sometimes together, sometimes individually. It's not a sports show, it's a show about the people who do a sports show. And we quote it extensively among ourselves, eliciting yet more laughter.

The title was, as of Wednesday night, a portent. Here in North Texas, the storm clouds gathered overnight and, at about 6am Thursday, the storm began. Lots of wonderful rain - we don't want any burn bans come 4th of July - rumbly rolling thunder, and some brilliant, if minor, flashes of lightening. I lay in bed listening to the pattering, plopping, and splattering of the rain against the trees, bushes, and roofs, enjoying one of nature's symphonies, thanking God for his infinite wisdom in creating such a wonderful system.

The title is also, and most importantly, a warning. About a month ago, I posted about the End Times, specifically, the signs of the times. Things are happening just as the Bible, the inerrant Word of God, says. Not everything has happened yet, but the pieces are falling into place.

Last week, my Wednesday night Bible study class started the topic of the End Times, and this past Wednesday night Pastor Barry preached a riveting sermon on the Day of the Lord (listen here). The Day of Lord will happen after Jesus has gathered up believers, both those who have already died, and those who are still alive at the time. That means everyone else has chosen not to believe and/or accept that Jesus is who He says He is - our risen Savior.

There's still time, though. How much time is unknown. But we *are* living in the End Times. And we still have an opprtunity to find hope in Jesus. If you choose Jesus, you can watch the gathering storm clouds, but have no fear of the coming storm.

I know this isn't a favorite topic to some of my regular readers (the three of you), but it is my duty. If you knew a hurricane was coming, wouldn't you do your darndest to warn people and get them to evacuate?

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