Thursday, June 1, 2023

Dallas Stars lose to Vegas Golden Knights...


Image courtesy DD.

Sadly, my Dallas Stars finally succumbed to the inevitable. They'd gone down 3-0 and clawed their way back to 3-2...they needed a win Monday night in the worst way and just couldn't pull that rabbit out of the hat.

Seeing grown men cry is the worst. :0(

One of the traditions in hockey is the handshake line at the end of a playoff series. I'm of two minds about it... It's gotta suck as the losing team to wait around for the winning team to end their initial jubilant celebration in order to shake your hand. As a fan, I like it. I guess it has that sportsmanship element that acknowledges that things could have just as easily gone the other way...

I'm sad for my boys in Victory (!) Green, but am relieved for myself. Playoff hockey uses up a lot of energy, and life can kinda stall out as you progress from game to game and series to series. But now I'm off the hook and can look forward to and move forward toward upcoming events.

Have a great weekend.


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