Monday, June 19, 2023

Blast From the Past ~ Barbapapas!


Image courtesy of Pinterest.

What is a Barbapapa, you might be asking... 

Well, I wasn't quite sure myself, although I recognized the name and have harbored vague memories of these creatures from childhood. Specifically from my visit/s to Denmark as a young child.

I've been reading a book about joy / joyfulness and the author happened to mention Barbapapas, and I was like -- Wait a minute! These things sound familiar.

So after a quick Google search, I was transported back in time a bit. Turns out, they're blobby-like creatures that can change shape. They began life in a French children's book and then came to fame as a TV show. Really, my memories are of the toys that I remember playing with:

Image courtesy of Amazon.

I had a set, and my memories say that I built houses for them out of Legos--because...of course I had Legos while visiting my grandparents in Denmark. :0)

Have a great week!


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