Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ready to Cruise Again...

It took a couple of tries for DH to convince me to go on a cruise. He'd gone on several with his family prior to my first "boat ride." But once I went, I was hooked and eagerly anticipated our second trip.
Our first cruise was Royal Caribbean ship from Galveston, the second was a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship out of New Orleans. Both were wonderful.

Our boarding in Galveston was delayed a couple of hours, so DH and I went and visited a couple of Navy boats, the USS Cavalla and the USS Stewart, instead of twiddling our thumbs in the hotel.

Our second cruise departed from New Orleans and as I'd never been there, we went down a couple of days early so I could check out the French Quarter, which I loved, in case you don't remember. Scroll past the COVID musings and you can see a few of the awesome houses I fell in love with.

After the trip to Oregon and the unfortunate situation I found there, I promised myself a cruise as soon as reasonably possible once that chapter of my life had come to an end. Sadly, it came to a close sooner than expected... and now we're finally moving forward on selling Mom's house and settling her estate once and for all. That could take up to six months or more (I hope the house doesn't take too long though...), but that's okay.

Definitely looking forward to a week on a ship where I don't even have to cook or clean. And I'm coordinating to get my kids along as well. Unfortunately, we were never able to go on a real family vacation when they were all small. But having them all together as adults will be so much fun.

Not sure which port I want to leave from...I think I'd like to go back to New Orleans, to be honest. Granted, the drive there is three hours longer, but if you're gonna go on vacation and you don't get one very often, make it count, right?

If you've never been on a cruise and you want a behind the scenes look, (and if you have Amazon Prime,) there's a great documentary called The Secret Life of the Cruise available. It gives you a peek behind the curtain of a cruise. It's an amazing ballet of moving parts and well worth a watch even if you don't cruise.
 Let me know if you like to cruise or if you watched the documentary.

Have a great weekend and catch you next week!

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