Monday, February 21, 2022

Miscellaneous Monday ~ Hockey Edition

Sidney Crosby Reaches 500 Goals

My favorite player, Sidney Crosby, became only the 46th player in NHL history (over 100 years), to score 500 goals in his career. Quite a feat considering there are some 700+ players in the NHL in any given year. He'd have had at least 100 more if not for "work stoppages" and close to a year of not playing due to concussions.

Image from the NHL on Instagram.

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Jake Oettinger ~ Personal Puzzle

Check out this little puzzle--made just for me by DD. The subject there is our young Dallas Stars goalie when he competed on behalf of the USA at the World Juniors Championship back in 2018.

I'm hoping for another puzzle featuring another favorite player of mine, but I might have to flat out ask for that one. This one was a surprise. :0)

* * * * *

A Little Help From Our Friends

Marc-Andre Fleury is another goalie in the NHL. I've been a huge fan of his pretty much since I got into hockey. One of his fun little quirks is the appreciation he shows the goal posts and crossbar for helping him out on the ice. I tested this and it should work. You'll have to click the little arrow on right side of each image/clip to see the next.

If it doesn't work, click over and cycle through this short amalgamation of video clips. (No Instagram login / account needed.)

Have a great week...

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