Thursday, February 24, 2022

Figuring Out How to Use my Planner

Which sounds more ridiculous than it really is. Maybe, lol.

Some of it has to do with Personality Strengths and how our minds are wired. Some folks just don't need planners at all, some prefer electronic versions. There is no right or wrong -- just what works for you.

Last year I had a planner... I hardly used it, but I didn't experience the "nope, not for me thought" that some folks in my Strengths Facebook group would say they had.

Sometime in November, I ordered another planner similar in layout as last years and definitely by the same company for that reason.

After a little pondering and a little trial and error, I figured out how to utilize the pages to keep track of stuff.

It's a lot of writing when I need to transition from one week to the next, but that's okay because that means I'm less likely to forget certain things.

I'm sure the details and the process will evolve as the weeks and months go by, but for now, things are working, and I'm happy to have been able to consolidate a lot of information into one place and keep track of what I need to do and what I've done.

Are you a planner user or do they give you hives when the rubber meets the road?

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