Monday, April 26, 2021

National Pretzel Day

Huzzah! Today is National Pretzel Day… 

Pretzels have long been one of my favorite snacks. Hard or soft, sticks or twists, I love ‘em.

I don’t eat them often anymore as they are 100% carbohydrates, but every once in a while (like maybe twice a season), I’ll indulge in the big soft twists at a hockey game.

Did you know that pretzels came about as the result of the strict fasting rules of the Catholic Church during Lent, aaaaall the way back in the Middle Ages?

In the 16th century, it was the baking of pretzels that saved the city of Vienna from the invading Turks. Monks in the basement bakery of a monastery heard the invaders and were able to warn the rest of the city. As a reward, pretzel bakers received their own coat of arms. has it that the term “tying the knot” may have come from the practice of Swiss royalty using pretzels in their wedding ceremonies.

Pretzels probably arrived in America along with the first pilgrims, but the first wave of German immigrants in the early 1700s most certainly brought them as well.

One of the best inventions ever was a bagel dog made with pretzel dough…sorta like a corn dog, only wrapped in dough rather than dipped in batter… Mmmm.

Again, the ones you find at ball parks or sports arenas are best, but these'll do in a pinch.

Are you a pretzel fan like me?

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