Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Follow Me Again...?

The application I was using for y'all to receive the blog directly is disabling that feature in July...

Soooo...if you're still so inclined to get my my blog in your email, then I've researched other options and implemented the most highly recommended one.

You can subscribe there to the right in the box with the green outline. What that means is that you'll get notified twice for maybe two weeks and then I'll delete the other one and remove all y'all's email addresses from the original. (May 4th--I'll delete)

And if you no longer want to hear from me, that's fine too. I get it. :0) I'm not terribly exciting and have a bit of a three-track mind.

Speaking of of them is hockey (well, DUH, Jen) and the boys have a four-game win streak going... They're not locked into a playoff spot just yet, but they're tied with the fifth place team and a point behind the fourth place team and we won't have anything in the bag until probably the very last game or two with two and a half weeks until then.

Good thing I no longer bite my nails. ;0)

Hope your week is going well...and, you know...

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