Friday, April 23, 2021

Are You "Languishing"...?

That's the word for the middle ground many people are feeling as we enter year two of the world according to COVID: languishing.

You're not depressed and feeling hopeless, but you're not bouncing out of bed and being productive at the pace you once were, back in pre-pandemic / pre-lockdown times...

You're feeling unfocused and blah, and even though you mostly have the energy to get things done, you lack the motivation you once had.

Not much changed for me when COVID hit and the lockdowns happened.

Our business was considered essential and the doors remained opened. No one worked from home except for the lone employee who contracted COVID and that was only for two weeks. Before and since, it's been business as usual.

On a personal front, my writer's group meetings went online, and my closest girlfriends and I gathered in Zoom every Saturday morning to chat rather than the once a month post-writers group gathering we'd done before.

Of course sports seasons were suspended for a while. Once our beloved hockey was returned to us last August, DD and I attended socially distant and mask-required watch parties. A privilege and luxury not every hockey town allowed depending on their location. With the new season (January), we've been allowed to watch hockey live, but socially-distant seating remains and masks are still required. However, some arenas still remain empty of fans despite hockey being played.

Through it all, I've persevered and felt and been my usual self. Until the last couple of months.

I few weeks ago, I chalked it partly up to the series of events surrounding the cookie book. First to the usurpation of my time and my writing plan / schedule for hockey book #5. And then I thought maybe the editor, with all her comments and desired edits, had messed with my confidence in my writing.

And maybe both of those things were catalysts, but they don't explain the trouble I've had getting back on the horse, so to speak.

But a friend and fellow writer shared an article ( and it really captured the spirit of how I've been feeling.

Take care of yourselves. Give yourselves and others grace. Do what brings you joy and creates energy within you. The mental health ramifications of COVID and lockdowns are going to be with us for years to come.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

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