Monday, July 6, 2020

Road Trip Phenomena

A field of sunflowers on the way south to the fireworks store.

I used to hate the drive down to the fireworks store. Now, while I don't always want to go and be at the store, I do love the drive. The sight of the farmed fields, no matter what is growing, feeds my soul.

One of my dreams is to live out on a hillock somewhere in farm country. I don't want to farm--I'll leave that to the experts, but I'd love to be surrounded by fields and to watch the seasons from that perspective. I want to be up high enough so I have a the view to watch the planting, the growing, and then the harvest and to be able to watch the weather roll across when it comes.

As for the road trip phenomena... I tend to set my cruise control for four miles over the speed limit and then I let car do its thing, enjoying the views and passing cars and trucks as I come upon them. Now, we can all tell when we're closing the distance on the car in front of us and I tend to get over to pass before my car's radar kicks in and puts on the brakes.

Now I get that not every driver uses cruise control if indeed they have it, but they can definitely tell that they're catching up to another car. I always have to wonder about the driver who gets all the way up on your behind and then drives there for a few miles before whipping around you...

I mean, I'm in the slow lane going a bit over the speed limit and it's quite clear they're driving faster than me--so they were what? Expecting me to suddenly speed up? I don't even know, lol...

Anyway, I'm still recuperating from a crazy fireworks selling season.

I hope your Fourth of July was safe and fun.

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