Friday, July 17, 2020


Yesterday, I finally got back to the eye doctor-- a good eight months after I should have.

Unfortunately, I'd lost both sets of prescription glasses (close-up & distance), so I've been relying on store-bought magnifying glasses. And while they "do," I'm looking forward to being able to see well enough to cross stitch up close and personal and without wearing headgear that narrows the scope of my vision to a very small square and which usually gives me a neck ache because it's on the heavy side for head wear.

It had also gotten to the point where I wore my distance glasses to watch tv too. So the bonus here is that I'll have new glasses just in time for HOCKEY TO START BACK UP on August 1st!!!


I started up yoga again, but I switched to a different yogi. I love Adriene, but her beginners series has too much of a time range for me. I want a standard length of a workout each day, give or take five minutes. A friend recommended a different teacher and while it took a few days to get used to her method of presenting upcoming poses, the workouts are good.

I've even gotten to the point where my upper arms can support my weight all the way to the floor from plank position (or pushup position). I have never been able to do a standard pushup in my life and, while I still can't actually do a pushup, I can at least control my descent. Some day perhaps on the pushup--not that I have reason to need to do them. :0)


And Happy Friday!

It's writers group weekend, so I have hours of interaction with my writer peeps to look forward to tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.

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