Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Do You Listen to Podcasts...?

You know I do. :0)

My favorite podcast, for which I will drop everything else to listen to the new episode when it drops, is...

Mostly I listen to podcasts of the hockey variety, but I've branched out of late and have found some interesting podcasts in the subject of history. I've always loved history and it was good place to start.

It actually started with a commercial for a podcast called Hope Through History, which was nothing more than a five or six episode series that offered a bit of insight and hope as we Americans faced a new large-scale crisis by looking back at large crises we've faced in the past, such as the Great Depression and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

I checked it out and found it interesting, though not all that hopeful. (But that's probably just me.)

I also listen to History This Week which is just what it sounds like--a story from some point in history of whatever week it is. I mentioned this just over a month ago, but I learned that our building codes came about as a result of the Great Molasses Flood of 1919 and that Beethoven wrote his finest piece of work, Ode to Joy, while completely deaf.

I used to get an email with the Ted Talk of the Day linked to it, but these days, I just get the podcast instead. I curate those and only listen to the ones that sound interesting.

The latest addition to my podcast play list is The Last Archive and it's current series, Who Killed Truth?, which has also been instructive.

They're good for those road trips, short or long, but also for sitting and cross stitching. That's about as multi-tasky as I can get these days.

Do you listen to podcasts? Any recommendations?

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