Friday, June 5, 2020

The Birds are Back in Town

Since the advent of filling the bird feeder and making it available, we been visited by all kinds of birds.

Blue Jays
Mourning Doves
various finches
American Robin
various sparrows
the occasional chickadee
possibly a Starling

There are probably more species that I just can't identify, but we have a nice mix and it's a lot of fun to watch them come and go and to listen to them chittering and chirping of a Saturday morning.

The Jays and the Mockingbirds both like to chase the squirrels, but they occasional crack seed together as the squirrels are also fans of the birdseed.

Now DD and I have tried to get some squirrel corn, but the fates have worked against us so far as the two times we've gone to the local feed store, they'd closed a mere few minutes prior to our arrival. Walmart does not carry squirrel corn, hence our attempted trips to the feed store. Tomorrow!

Here are some not-so-great pictures...

Male cardinal in the grass...

 Male blue jay in the grass...

Female cardinal and some black bird that I can't positively identify...

Have a great weekend! Stay safe and take care.

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