Friday, June 26, 2020

Plotting Progress


I went back to the number one tool in my writers toolbox and started reading. Again. Maybe for the dozenth time. Maybe the twentieth.

But things finally began crystallize in terms of one character's plot arc. I actually started with the latter half of the book and am now back at the beginning honing the beginning beats / scenes.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning's writing.


The county in which I live put a mask ordinance into effect starting today, Friday, at 6PM and running through 6AM Monday August 3rd.


Another wave of reckoning may be coming for the hockey world as a whole. Allegations of hazing, bullying and abuse are being reported at a startling rate and not just by adults, but by peers. A class action law suit has been filed.

If you're a parent or a grandparent of a child in any type of organized sports, keep a very keen eye on your child and the other children and the parents and the adults who have care over your children while they're playing.

It's heartbreaking to read these accounts.

On that happy note, have a good weekend.


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